Antelope Download


Antelope Download

Antelope – Extremely Quick AJAX Library

Antelope is the quickest and smallest AJAX library on the market. It helps 2 modes for requests and is suitable with all the main browsers. Antelope is smaller and extra constant than different libraries like JQuery and could be very easy to be taught. Antelope can be extraordinarily straightforward to make use of and prolong.


Initialization of Antelope

var my_ajax_lib = new antelope();

Request for asynchronous AJAX to fill the contents of an HTML component

my_ajax_lib.knowledge(url, knowledge, element_id, ajax_mode, ajax_session, content_fill_mode, success_callback, request_time_out, fail_callback);

The place:

  • ajax_mode” may be 1 or 2
  • ajax_session” may be 1 to three
  • content_fill_mode” is boolean (true or false). On true the earlier content material is being changed and on false the brand new content material is appended.

The “success_callback”, “request_time_out” and “fail_callback” are non-obligatory.

Request for synchronous AJAX to fetch knowledge and retailer it in a JS variable

var outcome = my_ajax_lib.response(url, knowledge, ajax_session, request_time_out);

The “request_time_out” is non-obligatory.

Extra detailed examples and data is included within the documentation.


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