Canvas Knight’s Tour Download


Canvas Knight's Tour Download

What’s it?

Knight’s Tour is a chess puzzle during which the duty is to maneuver a knight throughout the chess board by normal knight strikes. The one restriction is that the knight can not go to the identical sq. twice. The puzzle is claimed to be accomplished if the knight visited all squares on the board.

The traditional Knight’s Tour drawback could be prolonged to any board measurement (bigger than 4). On this sport you may check all totally different board measurement.


  • Graphics with canvas
  • Customizable measurement of board (limitless)
  • Customizable measurement of squares
  • Undo and redo features for all final strikes
  • Stopwatch and counter of strikes
  • Script is simple to put in and use
  • Documentation

Coming quickly

  • Leaderboard
  • The algorithm to resolve the knight’s tour drawback


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