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Online Salon Appointment Booking Solution – Book My Saloon

Preview & Download Script Book My Salon is an all-in-one salon management software for hair salons, beauty spas, hairdressers, massage parlors, beauty salons etc.The software provides you a powerful and systematic approach to manage your salon appointment scheduling . This is a fully optimized robust and secured salon scheduling software solution for salon owners to manage their salon business. The… Read more »

SafeGuard Pro – Ultimate PHP & Website Protection

Preview & Download Script Introduction Video Limited sale The SafeGuard Pro is currently available at a discounted price of $29 instead of $35. This offer is valid thru Dezember 31. You still get 6 months of support and are able to download provided updates. Trust us! SafeGuard Pro SafeGuard Pro With SafeGuard Pro you can protect your website from many… Read more »

SMS Verification & Marketing App

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Preview & Download Script This app enables you to verify your visitors phone numbers, and make sure it’s a valid phone number. The verification is done by sending an SMS message, containing a unique code. The users can use that unique code to verify their number, and to access your locked content. So this app can also be used as… Read more »

Html To Pdf On the Fly

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Preview & Download Script Updates 18 October 2012 Fixed an issue for accented letters in the pdf name 26 September 2012 Issues for arabian and persian languages solved V 2.0.0 the script can save pdfs on server and show them in a flexigrid table with pagination and sort for names,all without a database. from action section in table, for each… Read more »

Amazon S3 – Droppy online file sharing

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Preview & Download Script Droppy with Amazon S3 The Amazon S3 plugin will connect your existing or new Droppy setup to your S3 Bucket and stores all the uploaded files in your bucket. When a upload expires, the plugin will automatically delete the files from your bucket to reduce unnecessarily costs. Features: Fast and secure uploading Unlimited storage Unlimited uploads… Read more »

Simple API class

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Preview & Download Script Version 1.2 is not compatible with version 1.1 or 1.0 With this class, you can create your own simple API ’s. The class is very easy to install and supports four output formats: Json, CSV , Yaml and XML . The class create API ’s from any mysql table. Features: easy to install supports xml and… Read more »

Human Resource Management System (HRMS) V 1.2

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Preview & Download Script Client Review Update History 23rd June 2015 – Multi Language Support – Database Backup – Birthday / Anniversary Notification – Bug fixes 24th May 2015 – Initial Release List of Total Visitors for HRMS Preview & Download Script

Smart jQuery Photos gallery

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Preview & Download Script This app enables you to create a photos or images gallery in minutes. You can create unlimited galleries from the secured admin interface and upload yours pictures to it using AJAX. You can also add a caption for each of your images. The front end interface enables you to filter through your albums and preview your… Read more »

Lite Invoicing System

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Preview & Download Script This script can be used to manage invoices and clients. You can create invoice, quotations using this very easy. And also you can manage your product or service list easily. Once you create the invoice or quotation you view them in PDF button and by clicking the button you can email the invoice and equation to… Read more »

Multi Store – PHP Point Of Sale

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Preview & Download Script New Expense Module PHP Point of sale have expenses module now each store have its own expenses, and expense types, where you can add edit delete or view expenses and print expenses. New POS Module to sell easily. New point of sale module make it really easy to sell things. You can use barcode reader and… Read more »