cQL – Best SQL Query Class ( pdo – redis – memcache – filecache ) Download


cQL - Best SQL Query Class ( pdo - redis - memcache - filecache ) Download


It is a php coding that allows you to obtain greater quantity of information together with your mysql inquires. You’ll be allow to lower the load in your customers.

How it’s working?

Whenever you use this coding within the inquiry area it would file the info as json format to the database within the first place. This file will probably be saved on memcache for a particular time set by you. In case you do similar inquiry throughout that particular time once more the recorded knowledge will probably be learn and proven to person straight as an alternative of getting knowledge from database.

Pattern clarification

As an illustration let’s assume that you’ve got a video sharing website and getting knowledge from database and proven to customers. You’ll compulsorily do the identical motion many times for every person and repeated mysql connection happens. As an alternative of following this course of many times you should utilize this coding to maintain your server much less busy and get success simpler.

Benchmarking Question

$question = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM desk LIMIT 100");
$knowledge = mysql_fetch_assoc($question);
// 1.2934579849243 sec with use solely MySQL

$question = mysqli_query($con,"SELECT * FROM desk LIMIT 100");
$knowledge = mysqli_fetch_assoc($question);
// 1.2859179973602 sec with use solely MySQLi

$knowledge = $cql->get("SELECT * FROM desk LIMIT 100");
// 0.00059390068054199 sec with use cQL


  • PHP 5.x, 7.x
  • Memcache (non-obligatory)
  • Redis (non-obligatory)
  • PDO


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