domAjax Download


domAjax Download

domAjax is a small HTML5 javascript library that enables any DOM ingredient to make ajax requests. It additionally has a easy templating engine that may simply bind returned json information to template attributes written in curly brackets. By default, any returned json object is handed by means of this micro templating engine which supplies you a extremely seamless ajax expertise.

domAjax removes the necessity so that you can code jQuery ajax requests which may simply get messy particularly on the subject of processing the returned JSON and manipulating the DOM so as to add any fetched information.

DOM nodes are configured utilizing data-ajax-* attributes and the domAjax library takes care of the remainder.
documentation accessible at
// domAjax Template

<div id="posts" data-ajax-url="/posts/">
    <div class="single-post" data-ajax-repeat="posts">
            <span>Written by {{writer.identify}}</span>
            <span>Submitted {{dateCreated}}</span>
        <div class="writeup">
            {{content material}}
        <div class="feedback">


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