PHP Advanced String Classes Download


PHP Advanced String Classes Download
That is the entire multi-byte and binary secure PHP string processing resolution that lets you: validate enter knowledge varieties (alpha, numeric, date, IP, e mail, URL, hex), change case, apply string results (shorten, shuffle, scramble, reverse, make URL search engine optimisation pleasant), generate passwords, generate GUIDs, course of and extract characters, phrases and sentences, compute statistics (phrase depend, distinctive phrase depend, char depend), numbers extraction, substring looking and changing, padding, trimming, splitting, phrase wrapping, html processing, encrypting, encoding, censoring, spell checking, spell auto correcting and many others.
All of the strategies and courses have full help for any language character set or alphabet by means of a customizable configuration class.

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PHP Advanced String Classes Download
PHP Advanced String Classes Download
PHP Advanced String Classes Download

Foremost Options

  • full multi-byte and binary secure help;
  • multilanguage help: UTF-Eight customizable alphabet set (letters and digits);
  • string loading from urls or native recordsdata;
  • knowledge kind validations: alpha, numeric, alphanumeric, date, integer, float, IP tackle, e mail addresss, URL, HTML hex shade, casing;
  • string casing: uppercase, lowercase, sentence case, random case, capital case;
  • string results: shorten, emphasize, character shuffling, phrase scrambling, reversing, URL search engine optimisation pleasant;
  • string altering and modification: inserting, appending, changing, padding, trimming, splitting, wrapping;
  • string turbines: password, GUIDs, repeater, quantity spelling;
  • string checking: strategies like endsWith, startsWith, examine, inRange, comprises;
  • string knowledge extracting: characters, distinctive characters, phrases, distinctive phrases, numbers, looking;
  • statistics: string size, character counting, distinctive character counting, phrase counting, distinctive phrase counting;
  • HTML string processing: changing to HTML appropriate, tag enclosing;
  • string encoding: base64, rot13, Uu, HTML;
  • string encrypting: md5, sha1, crc32;
  • string computations: soundex, soundex similarity %, metaphone, metaphone similarity %, intersection, levenshtein, levensthein similarity %, seems like similarity;
  • dictionary based mostly string censoring;
  • dictionary based mostly or customized service based mostly spell checking: misspelled phrases emphasizing and auto correcting;
  • exhaustive documentation;


This software program product is bought solely on Please don’t download it from elsewhere.

PHP Advanced String Classes Download


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