SineScroller – jQuery Plugin for Wave Scrolling Download


SineScroller - jQuery Plugin for Wave Scrolling Download

jquery.sinescroller.js is a jQuery plugin which permits scrolling a line of textual content alongside a sine curve (i.e. make a wavy textual content scroller, with every letter following a sine and rotating accordingly).

Bear in mind the outdated days of demoscene and this staple impact?

Now you possibly can have it in your web site!

That is an uncommon and attention-grabbing method to current a scrolling textual content on the internet and appeal to your guests. Helpful for all types of promoting messages, promotions, exclamation texts and banners. The string may be even be simply statically laid out and never animated for an thrilling header or a curious sidebar subtitle. It’s additionally doable to animate in place. The string will wiggle with out truly scrolling.

All parameters of the sine are curve in addition to the animation are settable and managed with a few variables. The plugin gives wise default to get you began straight away.

Font settings in addition to the textual content to scroll are taken from the containing aspect, thus permitting very straightforward management and a number of scrollers on the identical web page.

Canvas help within the browser is required. If not present, the plugin silently exits and leaves the unique textual content untouched, so a direct fallback mechanism is achieved in a clear means.


  • primary scrolling alongside a sine curve
  • waving in place
  • static textual content doable by disabling animation
  • all sine variables settable
  • management over varied animation parameters
  • part shifting whereas textual content is scrolling for much more attention-grabbing results
  • run/cease capabilities accessible for calling from javascript


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