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AJAX EasyNewsletters

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Preview & Download Script EasyNewsletters is fast, simple and powerful Newsletters system written in PHP . It’s able to send email to thousands of your clients. Highly secured, password protected (encrytped sql data, SQLinject prevention, fake email prevention…) WYSIWYG editor (+ HTML source code editor) = can write nice emails without any programming knowledge! Just like in MS Outlook! Import… Read more »

Form Class – AJAX, Validation, jQuery & Bootstrap

Preview & Download Script Version 2 is now in development. Easier to use, more customization and more features! Introducing NeatForms – Powerful, flexible jQuery & AJAX powered Form System! Live examples and documentation is available at paffy.tk/demo/neatforms#intro – Go there! Preview & Download Script

Leads Contact Forms

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Preview & Download Script Leads Contact Forms Collect your contact leads from any 3rd party site by simple placing small peace of HTML and JavaScript code within their page content. All forms are controlled from one simple PHP master site. From here you can generate a HTML/JavaScript code that needs to be added on the html content on your target… Read more »

SHOUTcast stats v1.1

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Preview & Download Script Shoutly Stats for SHOUTcast is a script that able you to show basic information of your Web Radio. So, you can show in your web site info such “current listeners”, “maximum listeners”, “bitrate” and “current song” and more. Simple, elegant and functional. Features Now Playing song Played History Player Server statistics – The song currently –… Read more »

Ajax Double Opt-In Form without Database

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Preview & Download Script Ajax Double-Opt-In Form without Database. This powerful responsive ajax contact form is quickly ready for use and easy to install. The opt-in will be forwarded directly to your email. You can use the form as a pop-up or easily integrated into any squeeze page or web site. The fast way to your own email marketing list… Read more »


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Preview & Download Script – No database required. – Easy 3 lines of HTML to add a poll to a web page. – Simple administration page to build polls. – Create multiple polls in advance that automatically become active by date. – Multiple colorful skins. – Download detailed CSV results file to import poll results into a spreadsheet. – RESTful… Read more »

Cool comments ajax system

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Preview & Download Script Ajax Cool coments is a system to add comments very easily to any site or web page. It has been designed thinking 100% in the end user the installation process and its subsequent use are extremely simple. Cool coments its a simple and effective system for manage comments in one or more sites in the most… Read more »

AJAXed login/signup PHP script

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Preview & Download Script This is a website component that implements a login/signup system, that you can purchase to integrate it in your web site. The component consists of two parts: Back-end part. Front-end part. – The back-end is a PHP script. It contains a main file with all the functionalities and 2 auxiliary files, that contain configuration directives and… Read more »

Chat Plus v1.3

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Preview & Download Script PRO VERSION IS HERE Chat Plus v1.3 is a web platform built on php, ajax, jquery and mysql. It allows every registered user to create their own chat rooms. The system has two types of rooms. When creating a new room, you can choose whether it is available to everyone, or password protected. User has a… Read more »