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Groupon PHP Client

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Preview & Download Script Groupon Client is a light weight, object oriented PHP Wrapper around the Groupon REST API. This client gives any PHP based website easy access to Groupon with the following supported features: 1. Access to all Groupon Locations 2. All available deals for each location 3. Fine grained details on each Deal. 4. User submitted posts/comments on… Read more »

PHP Web/App User Management with Stripe Subscription and API

Preview & Download Script After searching for years for a solid user management script, BoilerPlate was created. A fully supported script that includes support for: Features Indvidual User Subscriptions For Company based management visit PHP Web/App Company Management Subscription Stripe for monthly subscriptions (not required) Social Login for almost all major networks Emails sent through Mandrill (a free emailing services… Read more »

Interfacer – External API Request Package

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Preview & Download Script Interfacer is an abstract library that allows you to easily create HTTP requests to external web APIs. It utilizes the cURL library to seamlessly and quickly fetch and return data. Furthermore, the data returned can be parsed to any of the following formats: XML , JSON, object and array. The class does its best to automatically… Read more »

MailChimp Subscribe PHP Class Form

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Preview & Download Script MailChimp : Build your mailing list with this class it built on mailchimp api , use PHP OOP with two examples WordPress Plugin Version Available Now Compatible With Visual Composer Example [1]   Required first name and last name Example [2]   Not required your name Features : OOP PHP MailChimp API Responsive Examples Design Built… Read more »

Sniplay – Watch & Download Youtube Video and MP3

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Preview & Download Script Sniplay is a Youtube API Videos that you can watch videos and download it for free. Our content is available instantly and free of charge. Features Minimalist Design Fully Responsive and works on all devices. Using latest technology such as: Laravel Angular Comment System Facebook Disqus SEO friendly URLS Watch Video with Backdrop Demo Link: http://www.sniplay.com… Read more »

Curly URL Shortener

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Preview & Download Script Websites powered by Curly Shrinkd.it Spadow.de If you want your site to be listed here then send us an e-mail with a link to your website. About You can learn more about Curly URL Shortener from the documentation. It is also included in your download. Curly URL Shortener also supports multiple languages and custom themes. You… Read more »

Eos – A Simple URL Shortener

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Preview & Download Script Changelog: CURRENT: 2.0 : 10th June, 2017 – Major UI redesign. – Storage restructured to database. – Removed unnecessary features. 1.3 – 18th March 2017 -Fixed bug that stopped logging in from installation screen. -Removed +FollowSymlinks from htaccess to increase compatibility with servers/hosts. 1.2 – 6th March 2017 – Fixed bug in script that caused the… Read more »

MySQL Conversion Class

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Preview & Download Script MySQL Conversion Class easy way to Import/Export MySQL Data; easy way to create API; get result of MySQL query as XML, JSON or associative array; print result (with headers) of MySQL query as XML, JSON or associative array; insert, update or delete data on MySQL table using XML, JSON or associative array; support MySQL and MySQLi… Read more »