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Backup Pro

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Preview & Download Script Backup Pro backup your MySQL database as SQL, CSV or XML; backup your files as ZIP archive; upload backup to FTP server; send backup as email attachment; upload to Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, SkyDrive and other cloud using WebDAV; send to server using PUTS HTTP; support MySQL, MySQLi and PDO driver; use CRON to automate backup… Read more »

Simple Backup Files and mySQL using PHP

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Preview & Download Script Backup Dropbox Google Drive Simple Backup WHAT IS IT? This PHP script is a powerful tool that let you backup every aspect of your site: The next buyer of this article who can give a 5 stars rating will get a free product by mail from my portfolio here at ENVATO — Thanks for your support… Read more »

Brutal Backup Tool [v1.3]

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Preview & Download Script What is Brutal Backup Tool? It’s not about what it is, it’s about what Brutal Backup Tool can do for you. The Brutal Backup Tool was crafted to provide a reliable backup strategy just by using a wonderful and usable interface. Unlike the other backup software programs out there, the support of BBT is still active…. Read more »

myCode – PHP/jQuery Online FTP and Editing

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Preview & Download Script myCode is a online aplication that allows you to edit your files werever you are whenever you want. It includes some jQuery so you don’t get interupted while editing your file when saving. It also has a documentation on how to modify myCode. It has a lot of other features. So make sure to check out… Read more »

Data Export Helper

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Preview & Download Script Key Features Easily export any kind of data. Data can be exported as any of: Excel JSON XML PHP serialize CSV Robust code base. Lightweight system. Object Orientated. Well documented. With this class you can easily export any data to one of 5 popular formats. The Excel format is most noteworthy as people will appreciate being… Read more »

Ultimate Backup

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Preview & Download Script Ultimate Backup is a PHP Class which allows you to backup your files, folders and databases to ensure data redundancy in the event, should you need to restore your data in an emergency. It makes life much easier not having to worry about managing your backup catalogue, complex schedules and retention policies! The package includes a… Read more »

MySQL Backup Pro Class

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Preview & Download Script MySQL Backup Pro Class backup your MySQL database as SQL , CSV or XML ; upload backup to FTP server; send backup as email attachment; upload to Google Drive , Dropbox , Box , SkyDrive and other cloud using WebDAV ; send to server using PUTS HTTP; Can pack as ZIP archive; support MySQL, MySQLi and… Read more »

PDO Multi-DB Info Manager

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Preview & Download Script PDO Multi-DB Info Manager is an application developed in PHP that allows you to admin your SQL Server, PostgreSQL SQLite 3 and MySQL databases without the need of write any code(no php, neither sql) in an easy way, using an attractive web interface. You can build local and remote connection, export data from your tables in… Read more »

MyJSON – Work with MySQL + JSON

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Preview & Download Script MyJSON is a PHP5 Class, with it, you are actually in a position to: Create JSON string from a MySQL Question Insert JSON content material right into a MySQL Desk Create/Insert will work as export! So that you is a brand new expertise on backups: with JSON ! The JSON created will be indented or not,… Read more »


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Preview & Download Script When engaged on an internet site it may be generally very useful to have entry to a console window(terminal) on the server. The issue is that you simply don’t get entry to this on a lot of the hostings. By importing this one file php script to your server you might have a workaround and also… Read more »