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PHP Class for MySQL Database Manipulation

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Preview & Download Script Description DBConnection is a PHP class designed to facilitate the MySQL database management with an useful set of methods, that allows the programmer to manipulate the data with a simplified interface. This class offers to the programmer a full set of methods that allow to construct SQL queries of any complexity, using appropriate methods in each… Read more »

Ultimate IP Blocker

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Preview & Download Script Want to ban a IP, but don’t know how to use .htaccess and only ban for some pages? Let ipBlocker help you, ban IP(s) with a easy way and many functions, no need any database supported. Features Database less With cache system with cookies setting template function IP wildcard setting Unsuspend time settings Include to use… Read more »

EU VAT Number Validation

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Preview & Download Script EU VAT Number Validation is a simple PHP class which allows you to online validate VAT number of companies registered in European Union. You can easily integrate validation into your existing project. Supported countries: AT, BE, BG, CY, CZ, DE, DK, EE, EL, ES, FI, FR, GB, HR, HU, IE, IT, LT, LU, LV, MT, NL,… Read more »

WebZipper PHP Class

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Preview & Download Script WebZipper is a php class for creating zip files/folders without comments or with comments, read the comments from zip archive, unzipping archives, delete and rename files inside the zip archive with user friendly messages. This class was written with prebuilt php functions available for PHP5 .2+ but can work in older php versions if PECL extension… Read more »

PHP MySQLi to MySQL Converter Class

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Preview & Download Script This class makes it possible to use Mysqli class in a not Mysqli supported php hosting. It is a handwritten mysqli class. So you can use Mysqli class without installing Mysqli extention. It has almost all functionality of the real MySQLi Class. If you are getting “Fatal error: Class ‘MySQLi’ not found”, this is solution. Just… Read more »

School Management System

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Preview & Download Script Update on August 2016 School grading system is simple PHP application for managing students, classes, subjects, school attendance and evaluation. You can enter as teacher (admin) or as parent (user) that checks specific student statistics. Teacher / admin account Login : demo / demo2 Connected on SMS sending system E-mail notifications Add / edit / delete… Read more »

Easy Gallery

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Preview & Download Script With this class you can easily create a gallery of images and thumbnails for your website. Key Features: Easy to use set of functions Gives you the ability to create a image gallery with 3 lines of code Allows images to be sorted by name, date, or size ascending or descending Well documented Thumbnails automatically generated… Read more »

AdvPlugin – Advanced Plugin System

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Preview & Download Script AdvPlugin is a complete Plugin System in a PHP5 Class Way with you can easy: Set a plugin dir. With this, in each load or any function you don’t need to type again the dir! Activate/deactivate plugins Load activated (or not) plugins Get plugins information, like author, name, description, version…. Easy to develop the plugins. The… Read more »

IMDB Parser

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Preview & Download Script Description IMDB Parser is a PHP class that allows you to get everything you want from the IMDB database, it supports both movies and TV series. Here is a list of fields that you can grab using this class : Title Year Runtime Genre Stars Stars with Links Rating Rating count Metascore Directors Directors with Links… Read more »

MailChimp Subscribe PHP Class Form

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Preview & Download Script MailChimp : Build your mailing list with this class it built on mailchimp api , use PHP OOP with two examples WordPress Plugin Version Available Now Compatible With Visual Composer Example [1]   Required first name and last name Example [2]   Not required your name Features : OOP PHP MailChimp API Responsive Examples Design Built… Read more »