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AJAX EasyNewsletters

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Preview & Download Script EasyNewsletters is fast, simple and powerful Newsletters system written in PHP . It’s able to send email to thousands of your clients. Highly secured, password protected (encrytped sql data, SQLinject prevention, fake email prevention…) WYSIWYG editor (+ HTML source code editor) = can write nice emails without any programming knowledge! Just like in MS Outlook! Import… Read more »

Leads Contact Forms

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Preview & Download Script Leads Contact Forms Collect your contact leads from any 3rd party site by simple placing small peace of HTML and JavaScript code within their page content. All forms are controlled from one simple PHP master site. From here you can generate a HTML/JavaScript code that needs to be added on the html content on your target… Read more »

Ajax Double Opt-In Form without Database

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Preview & Download Script Ajax Double-Opt-In Form without Database. This powerful responsive ajax contact form is quickly ready for use and easy to install. The opt-in will be forwarded directly to your email. You can use the form as a pop-up or easily integrated into any squeeze page or web site. The fast way to your own email marketing list… Read more »

Feedback Form – Responsive Multi-Purpose Ajax Feedback Form

Preview & Download Script Feedback Form is a powerful, multi-purpose, responsive feedback form for your website. Allow your users to rate your product or service and get great feedback to improve your business. Feedback Form is super easy to use and can be added to any website within 30 seconds. Main Features: – Multi-purpose Feedback Form – Fully customizable –… Read more »

Clerck | Portfolio Muse Template

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Preview & Download Template We present this new template made in adobe muse. This template is exclusively for designers who want to make your website easy and very elegant. Features Mobile version Contact form Google Maps Integration Button up with parallax effect Social buttons Easy to use Portfolio Images included Icons Enjoy it! Preview & Download Template


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Preview & Download Script ContactManager is a simple Contact Management Application. The application is Multi-user ready so more than one person can create an account and store their own contacts. Please see the live preview to see it in action. Features Secure Administration area to add, edit and delete contacts. Multiple users can use the system. Looks the same in… Read more »

SupportStar – Live chat

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Preview & Download Script Updates: 2016/05/15: Updated the demo interface 2015/04/12: The chat form is now embedded inside the customer’s web pages instead of popping out in a separate window. Many small improvements 2015/01/12: Added multi-department functionality Added message delivery reports (Return receipts) Many small improvements 2013/05/12: Fixed an issue in sending chat transcript to email Added utf-8 support. Now… Read more »

Advanced PHP, HTML5 & AJAX Contact Form

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Preview & Download Script Features List Easy integration/instructions into your current PHP / HTML site Progressively enhanced (fully functional without JS or CSS) Field type validation (HTML, javascript fallback with PHP backup) Required field validation Pretty select boxes Multiple forms per page allowed Repeat submission prevention No database required Cross Site Scripting (XSS) attack prevention Translations via simple JSON file… Read more »

Responsive Contact Form

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Preview & Download Script This AJAX jQuery, bootstrap, php, or html static website component allows you to easily place a self-contained Contact Form on any HTML or PHP page of your existing website. It uses just 1 file to Validate, Process and Send the completed contact form to your e-mail address and best of all, does not reload the page… Read more »