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SQLite Object Oriented Framework

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Preview & Download Script This is a professionnal grade SQLite database framework. It enables you to avoid writing and re-writing all the repetitive SQL queries and all the fetch arrays, help protect you against SQL injections, and offer you a very robust, but simple way to interact with your SQLite2 databases. This Framework is inspired from our MySQL framework, that… Read more »

PHP DosDetector Class

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Preview & Download Script PHP DosDetector Class Documentation Version: 1.1 Release: June 2013 Keyword: security, php, class, firewall, DoS Attack, IDS/IPS 1. What is this class? This PHP Class used for preventing Denial of Service (DoS) attack to your web server written by PHP. Running this script will monitoring all requests from an IP address and logged it into memory… Read more »

PHP Class for MySQL Database Manipulation

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Preview & Download Script Description DBConnection is a PHP class designed to facilitate the MySQL database management with an useful set of methods, that allows the programmer to manipulate the data with a simplified interface. This class offers to the programmer a full set of methods that allow to construct SQL queries of any complexity, using appropriate methods in each… Read more »

Ultra DB

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Preview & Download Script Ultra DB is a flat files database in PHP, it provides a clean and pragmatic API to easily create, read, update and delete entries. It’s especially useful when using a full-featured database is not an option, for example, very restricted hosting environments. Ultra DB heavily caches everything so your queries run blazing fast! If you want… Read more »

IMDB Parser

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Preview & Download Script Description IMDB Parser is a PHP class that allows you to get everything you want from the IMDB database, it supports both movies and TV series. Here is a list of fields that you can grab using this class : Title Year Runtime Genre Stars Stars with Links Rating Rating count Metascore Directors Directors with Links… Read more »

AJAXed login/signup PHP script

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Preview & Download Script This is a website component that implements a login/signup system, that you can purchase to integrate it in your web site. The component consists of two parts: Back-end part. Front-end part. – The back-end is a PHP script. It contains a main file with all the functionalities and 2 auxiliary files, that contain configuration directives and… Read more »

Hikma: Random Quotes Script (With 75000 Quotes)

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Preview & Download Script Hikma Hikma is a fully responsive random quotes script that allows you to make a website that displays a random quote. The script comes bundled with 75000+ quotes so your website will be packed with content. Features: Display a random quote 75,000+ qutes included Simple dashboard Search authors leaderboard ad 728×90 A beautiful design Built using… Read more »

CakePHP CRUD – Data Management System

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Preview & Download Script Description CakePHP CRUD – Data Management System is a powerful Create-Read-Update-Delete (CRUD) generator package for CakePHP. You can intergrate it with your CakePHP application and saved the development time. CakePHP CRUD – Data Management System is very easy to use. Features Form elements support: Textbox, Date,Datetime, Autocomplete, Textarea, Editor, Checkbox, Radio, Selectbox, tag, file Auto detect… Read more »