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Snippeter – Code Snippets Manager

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Preview & Download Script Snippeter is code snippets manager which make your coding much easier. It uses Google Prettify to highlight code. This script is made to boost your coding by saving your code snippets online and enabling you to find them easily using integrated search bar. You can see it in action as user and admin (All admin functions… Read more »


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Preview & Download Script – No database required. – Easy 3 lines of HTML to add a poll to a web page. – Simple administration page to build polls. – Create multiple polls in advance that automatically become active by date. – Multiple colorful skins. – Download detailed CSV results file to import poll results into a spreadsheet. – RESTful… Read more »

XML to RSS Converter

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Preview & Download Script Xml2Rss Generator PHP class This class is an easy to use, simple XML to RSS generator. You can automatically convert your XML feed (or XML file) to a valid RSS 2.0 feed, with only a few required parameters. Advanved features include setting of optional RSS feed fields, custom description HTML output, including images in the feed… Read more »

Data Export Helper

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Preview & Download Script Key Features Easily export any kind of data. Data can be exported as any of: Excel JSON XML PHP serialize CSV Robust code base. Lightweight system. Object Orientated. Well documented. With this class you can easily export any data to one of 5 popular formats. The Excel format is most noteworthy as people will appreciate being… Read more »

XML to CSV Converter

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Preview & Download Script Xml2Csv Converter PHP class This PHP class is an easy to use, highly customisable XML 2 CSV converter. You can automatically convert XML to CSV, with only 1 parameter – the XML input (file or string). Advanved features include custom selection of the output fields, setting CSV delimiter and enclosure character etc. The output can be… Read more »

GenXLSX – Script to Generate Excel Files

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Preview & Download Script If you like the GenXLSX item, please don’t forget to rate it: GenXLSX v1.4.0 – Generate Excel Files The GenXLSX class creates an excel (XSLX) file and writes the records directly into the file without loading them into the memory RAM. The GenXLSX class creates the file with one sheet which may contain up to 1.048.576… Read more »

Smart Tabber Widget

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Preview & Download Plugin Smart Tabber Widget is a WordPress plugin with main widget that can turn multiple widgets into a single widget with tabs. To do this, plugin registers Widget Placeholders (essentially inactive sidebar areas), and when you add Tabber Widget, select Placeholder to use, set up transitions, animations and styling and you will get an end result single… Read more »

PDO Multi-DB Info Manager

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Preview & Download Script PDO Multi-DB Info Manager is an application developed in PHP that allows you to admin your SQL Server, PostgreSQL SQLite 3 and MySQL databases without the need of write any code(no php, neither sql) in an easy way, using an attractive web interface. You can build local and remote connection, export data from your tables in… Read more »

Weebly to WordPress Import Plugin

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Preview & Download Plugin About the Plugin Weebly to WordPress Import Plugin helps you migrate your Weebly blog to your WordPress site. It crawls your Weebly blog and creates copies of your posts, comments and categories on Weebly in your WordPress site. Limitations: This plugin does not work with blogs hosted on Netfirms This plugin is for blog migration only…. Read more »

Export HTML Table to Open Formats

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Preview & Download Script Latest Version: 21.07.2010 – v1.0. Check the changelog Export HTML Table to Open Formats is a collection of classes written in PHP (5.x) and JavaScript which allows to export of HTML tables into open formats such as XML or CSV files without any database. The data is taken directly from the HTML table and then converted… Read more »