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Gifty v2 – Raffle System

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Preview & Download Script Gifty is a system made in PHP and JAVASCRIPT that will allow every owner that has an online store, raffle coupons. Also has a nice user interface, making the best drawing experience for the user at the time try your luck to win. Many significant enhancements were added in this new version according to user request…. Read more »

mLIB – PHP & jQuery based media upload library

Preview & Download Script mLIB is a PHP, MYSQL and jQuery based media upload library. It can be used to upload files and select them for use on fly. This plugin is better suited for admin part of any CMS which lacks a good media uploader. Features : Drag-n-drop upload support for all modern browsers and manual upload option for… Read more »

Live Demo Reset – script that resets a live demo

Preview & Download Script “Live Demo Reset” is a PHP, MYSQL and jQuery based script that automatically resets a live website. This plugin is best suitable for developers who want to showcase their website, theme, plugin or other web work that have a possibility where other people can mess up the demo. For example: consider that you have a gallery… Read more »

quickmanager – project & client manager

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Preview & Download Script quickManager is a powerful project & client management suite designed for freelancers. With a huge number of features from client support tickets to invoice management all wrapped up within an amazing user interface giving you an out of the box user experience. quickManager supports you, your clients and your contractors (or employees) so you can all… Read more »

xTempMail – Temporary, Disposable Mail

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Preview & Download Script attachment system added Arabic and Turkish language added ADS fixed, it won’t auto refresh # DEMO # OVERVIEW xTempMail is a PHP script for creating instantly temporary disposable emails. Just one click to generate a random email or use a custom email Login. # SERVER REQUIREMENTS The best part – xTempMail doesn’t require anything special. In… Read more »


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Preview & Download Script – No database required. – Easy 3 lines of HTML to add a poll to a web page. – Simple administration page to build polls. – Create multiple polls in advance that automatically become active by date. – Multiple colorful skins. – Download detailed CSV results file to import poll results into a spreadsheet. – RESTful… Read more »

AJAXed login/signup PHP script

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Preview & Download Script This is a website component that implements a login/signup system, that you can purchase to integrate it in your web site. The component consists of two parts: Back-end part. Front-end part. – The back-end is a PHP script. It contains a main file with all the functionalities and 2 auxiliary files, that contain configuration directives and… Read more »

Chat Plus v1.3

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Preview & Download Script PRO VERSION IS HERE Chat Plus v1.3 is a web platform built on php, ajax, jquery and mysql. It allows every registered user to create their own chat rooms. The system has two types of rooms. When creating a new room, you can choose whether it is available to everyone, or password protected. User has a… Read more »

CodeIgniter CRUD Generator

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Preview & Download Script Sale!! 30% Off Now You can generate: Add, Edit Page Modal, View, Controller Searching, Sorting by field Pagination Export csv/pdf Single and multiple delete option Left join. Search, Sort data from foreign table Generate fields 1) Input 2) Textarea 3) Dropdown (Data from foreign table) 4) Status 5) Image 6) Radio (Unlimited options) 7) Checkbox (Unlimited… Read more »

PHP jQuery Sticky notes

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Preview & Download Script News / Updates 8 september A new style was added. The demo is updated! 3 september If you want you can make so that only users that have created the sticky notes can view, move and remove them. All this is explained in the documentation! 2 september Accented characters are now accepted; 2 september Added a… Read more »