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Deals Aggregator

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Preview & Download Script Deals Aggregator is a thin PHP Utility class that aggregates online social shopping deals from Groupon, Living Social, Crowd Savings, and Tippr by tapping into the BuyDeals National deals database platform. Features Include: 1. Search for Deals by city, state, zip/postal code, and latitude/longitude. 2. Aggregates deals from Groupon, Living Social, Crowd Savings, and Tippr and… Read more »

Interfacer – External API Request Package

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Preview & Download Script Interfacer is an abstract library that allows you to easily create HTTP requests to external web APIs. It utilizes the cURL library to seamlessly and quickly fetch and return data. Furthermore, the data returned can be parsed to any of the following formats: XML , JSON, object and array. The class does its best to automatically… Read more »


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Preview & Download Script About Import large sets of data into an SQL table; ToSQL will create a suitable table structure, guessing data types, keys and more, and then proceed to inserting the data. This can be useful for those with large amounts of data stored in XML or JSON files, who want to make the transition to SQL. Usage… Read more »


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Preview & Download Script – No database required. – Easy 3 lines of HTML to add a poll to a web page. – Simple administration page to build polls. – Create multiple polls in advance that automatically become active by date. – Multiple colorful skins. – Download detailed CSV results file to import poll results into a spreadsheet. – RESTful… Read more »

Password Generator

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Preview & Download Script Password Generator 1.1 Password Generator is a lightweight PHP script, allowing you to create a fully functional website dedicated to generating strong, secure, and random passwords in text, json, or xml format. Password Generator doesn’t require a database, and has two output options display, and download. Password Generator uses RainTPL template system to make it easier… Read more »

MySQL Conversion Class

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Preview & Download Script MySQL Conversion Class easy way to Import/Export MySQL Data; easy way to create API; get result of MySQL query as XML, JSON or associative array; print result (with headers) of MySQL query as XML, JSON or associative array; insert, update or delete data on MySQL table using XML, JSON or associative array; support MySQL and MySQLi… Read more »

Status Shooter Application

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Preview & Download Script Status Shooter v1.3 Released. Status Shooter is a Facebook application with an extensive collection of status messages which can be customized and posted to your wall. You can also suggest a good status for your friend or add your own status to the collection. It is a simple to use application which intimates users or admin… Read more »

Event Management System – Perfect Day

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Preview & Download Script Event Management System – Perfect Day “Event Management System – Perfect Day” is A very powerful and robust Event Management System developed and build on the very famous – CI abbreviated as “CodeIgniter” MVC framework. Featuring all aspects to manage and organize all your events at one place with ready to use PayPal payment gateway Integration…. Read more »

miniPAN PHP File Management System

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Preview & Download Script The miniPAN is a PHP based file management script, that is seamlessly integrated with TinyMCE, CKEditor. This script can also be used standalone and it’s easy to integrate with your backend system. Easy to integrate, seamless integration with WYSIWYG editors (TinyMCE, CKEditor) No database required Create directories, rename, delete instantly Upload files, allow/deny file types Ajax… Read more »