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CSoon – Responsive Coming Soon w/ Admin Panel

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Preview & Download Script Overview CSoon is a full responsive “Coming Soon System” system with Admin Panel, where you will be able to customize and set various settings. CSoon has the following features: Responsive Design Rotative Backgrounds jQuery Subscribers Form Javascript Countdown Social Media Section Full-jQuery Admin Panel Plus, the jQuery Admin Panel has the following features: Full-jQuery Interface Pass-only… Read more »

PHP Class for MySQL Database Manipulation

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Preview & Download Script Description DBConnection is a PHP class designed to facilitate the MySQL database management with an useful set of methods, that allows the programmer to manipulate the data with a simplified interface. This class offers to the programmer a full set of methods that allow to construct SQL queries of any complexity, using appropriate methods in each… Read more »

Live Demo Reset – script that resets a live demo

Preview & Download Script “Live Demo Reset” is a PHP, MYSQL and jQuery based script that automatically resets a live website. This plugin is best suitable for developers who want to showcase their website, theme, plugin or other web work that have a possibility where other people can mess up the demo. For example: consider that you have a gallery… Read more »

Advanced Error Logging

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Preview & Download Script Key Features Easy to use Simple installation process Has the ability to log fatal errors (E_ERROR) and higher (E_WARNING, E_NOTICE, etc) Errors can be logged to a MySQL database or a file Simple admin area for viewing logged errors Logs the following informationn on each error The time that the error occurred The error level The… Read more »

PHP MySQLi to MySQL Converter Class

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Preview & Download Script This class makes it possible to use Mysqli class in a not Mysqli supported php hosting. It is a handwritten mysqli class. So you can use Mysqli class without installing Mysqli extention. It has almost all functionality of the real MySQLi Class. If you are getting “Fatal error: Class ‘MySQLi’ not found”, this is solution. Just… Read more »


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Preview & Download Script About Import large sets of data into an SQL table; ToSQL will create a suitable table structure, guessing data types, keys and more, and then proceed to inserting the data. This can be useful for those with large amounts of data stored in XML or JSON files, who want to make the transition to SQL. Usage… Read more »


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Preview & Download Script Mr.Menu is an object oriented menu widget. Features: Renders a dynamic menu from a database table. Is able to highlight the current page automagically and on the fly without any kind of user input! You can have a special class appended to a link in the menu. Everything is customizable, from the css classes to the… Read more »

FTP – Droppy online file sharing

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Preview & Download Script Droppy with an external FTP server. The FTP Plugin for Droppy – Online file sharing connects your existing Droppy setup to an external FTP server. The FTP connections can be made using standard FTP or using SFTP. This way you can separate your uploads from your application server and store all the uploaded files on another… Read more »

Hikma: Random Quotes Script (With 75000 Quotes)

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Preview & Download Script Hikma Hikma is a fully responsive random quotes script that allows you to make a website that displays a random quote. The script comes bundled with 75000+ quotes so your website will be packed with content. Features: Display a random quote 75,000+ qutes included Simple dashboard Search authors leaderboard ad 728×90 A beautiful design Built using… Read more »