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CSoon – Responsive Coming Soon w/ Admin Panel

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Preview & Download Script Overview CSoon is a full responsive “Coming Soon System” system with Admin Panel, where you will be able to customize and set various settings. CSoon has the following features: Responsive Design Rotative Backgrounds jQuery Subscribers Form Javascript Countdown Social Media Section Full-jQuery Admin Panel Plus, the jQuery Admin Panel has the following features: Full-jQuery Interface Pass-only… Read more »

Form Class – AJAX, Validation, jQuery & Bootstrap

Preview & Download Script Version 2 is now in development. Easier to use, more customization and more features! Introducing NeatForms – Powerful, flexible jQuery & AJAX powered Form System! Live examples and documentation is available at paffy.tk/demo/neatforms#intro – Go there! Preview & Download Script

Simple Hosting Billing System

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Preview & Download Script Simple Hosting Billing System Web-based software that is used to simplify the management of the business of selling domain and hosting, setup feature products to report the transaction. And now this script support PHP version 7/MSQLi. Advantages: Management of domain and hosting products. Features domain checker, Who is, the status of the server. Check the active… Read more »

Deals Aggregator

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Preview & Download Script Deals Aggregator is a thin PHP Utility class that aggregates online social shopping deals from Groupon, Living Social, Crowd Savings, and Tippr by tapping into the BuyDeals National deals database platform. Features Include: 1. Search for Deals by city, state, zip/postal code, and latitude/longitude. 2. Aggregates deals from Groupon, Living Social, Crowd Savings, and Tippr and… Read more »

PHP DosDetector Class

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Preview & Download Script PHP DosDetector Class Documentation Version: 1.1 Release: June 2013 Keyword: security, php, class, firewall, DoS Attack, IDS/IPS 1. What is this class? This PHP Class used for preventing Denial of Service (DoS) attack to your web server written by PHP. Running this script will monitoring all requests from an IP address and logged it into memory… Read more »

PHP Class for MySQL Database Manipulation

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Preview & Download Script Description DBConnection is a PHP class designed to facilitate the MySQL database management with an useful set of methods, that allows the programmer to manipulate the data with a simplified interface. This class offers to the programmer a full set of methods that allow to construct SQL queries of any complexity, using appropriate methods in each… Read more »

Groupon PHP Client

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Preview & Download Script Groupon Client is a light weight, object oriented PHP Wrapper around the Groupon REST API. This client gives any PHP based website easy access to Groupon with the following supported features: 1. Access to all Groupon Locations 2. All available deals for each location 3. Fine grained details on each Deal. 4. User submitted posts/comments on… Read more »

blaze – php framework for small to medium websites

Preview & Download Script There once was a time, when website creation was about art and fine tuning code edges with love for the details. Especially smaller websites were coded with the user in mind, realizing small and neat features that would make the page visitors remember your site. Nowadays, it’s all about which framework to use, how to force… Read more »