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Halfdata Admin Panel

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Preview & Download Script You like some of our WordPress plugins (Layered Popups, Digital Paybox, Code Shop or Stripe Instant Downloads), but your website is not WordPress-driven? It’s not a problem at all. Now you can use these plugins with any website: Joomla, Magento, OpenCart, whatever – any CMS or even plain HTML pages. Just install Halfdata Admin Panel on… Read more »

CakeReady : CakePHP Ready Admin With ACL Plugin

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Preview & Download Script A CakePHP Ready Admin With Authentication And ACL Plugin Manager for any project. We are using CakePHP Version : 2.5.2 Stable. CakeReady is fully loaded with useful plugins which is require for any projects. Fully Plugin Based Admin panel. Demo Admin Detail Url : http://w3itexpert.com/products/CakeReady User : demo Password : 123456 Features: * Admin Panel With… Read more »

B2B WHOLESALE – RESELLER – Plugin For BootCommerce

Preview & Download Script NAME : Business Type SHORTNAME: businesstype REQUIRED BootCommerce VERSION : 3.0.0 OR ABOVE PLUGINS DEPENDENCIES: NONE DESCRIPTION: This plugin allows you to have a B2B/B2c business for your BootCommerce. Different Price for Clients and Retailers. Complete management of Customers Status. Read the HOW_TO_INSTALL.txt file for a correct installation RACCOMANDATION: MAKE A BACKUP OF SITE AND DATABASE… Read more »

AdvPlugin – Advanced Plugin System

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Preview & Download Script AdvPlugin is a complete Plugin System in a PHP5 Class Way with you can easy: Set a plugin dir. With this, in each load or any function you don’t need to type again the dir! Activate/deactivate plugins Load activated (or not) plugins Get plugins information, like author, name, description, version…. Easy to develop the plugins. The… Read more »

Movies Plugin for phpSocial

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Preview & Download Script Movies Plugin for phpSocial – Social Network Platform allows you to share information about a movie via the “Movies” event simply by typing a movie’s name. Features Share movie details in messages Sidebar Movies widget Integration trough the “Videos” event TMDb API integration Custom poster number for the sidebar widget Retina display ready Responsive design Requirements… Read more »

Forced Ads for Hosting – WHMCS ADDON

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Preview & Download Script Forced Ads for Hosting – WHMCS ADDON Forced Ads for Hosting is a WHMCS addon that allow you to force all customers of a specific hosting plans to insert your ads in their websites. With this software, you can perform a couple of online applications including advertising your products or services at a lower cost than… Read more »

Virtual Jewelry Try-On Solution

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Preview & Download Script It’s time to offer a new shopping experience: Virtual Jewelry Try-On Solution Could enhance the display cabinet and reaches shoppers wherever they are. Virtual Jewelry Try-On Solution will enable shoppers to: Try on and compare unlimited inventory of jewelry (necklaces,earrings,bracelet).by uploading their own photos or using their Webcam , try on Jewelry & buy the chosen… Read more »

Whitelabel WordPress Theme & Plugin Options Panel

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Preview & Download Script Whitelabel Theme & Plugin Options Panel is a state of the art script that allows developers to add quick and easy powerful options to their WordPress Theme or Plugin. Whitelabel is so easy to use and so fast that is suitable for both experienced developers and beginners. With Whitelabel your themes or plugins will look gorgeous… Read more »

Advanced Social Widget PHP Edition

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Preview & Download Script Advanced Social Widget – PHP Edition Advanced Social Widget Adds an advanced widget box to your website giving users the ability to link your site to all the popular Social Networking sites such as Delicious, Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon, Google+, Pinterest and access to FeedBurner Email Subscription. Description     Advanced Social Widget Adds an advanced widget… Read more »