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Interfacer – External API Request Package

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Preview & Download Script Interfacer is an abstract library that allows you to easily create HTTP requests to external web APIs. It utilizes the cURL library to seamlessly and quickly fetch and return data. Furthermore, the data returned can be parsed to any of the following formats: XML , JSON, object and array. The class does its best to automatically… Read more »

Easy Comment System (no mysql)

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Preview & Download Script About “Dynamic comments” is a jQuery/PHP plugin that allows webmasters to easily integrate an ajax comment system in their websites. The file Does not require a mysql Database How it works The script detects the full url of the webpage and saves the comments to a file associated to that url. Ex: You can use it… Read more »

MyJSON – Work with MySQL + JSON

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Preview & Download Script MyJSON is a PHP5 Class, with it, you are actually in a position to: Create JSON string from a MySQL Question Insert JSON content material right into a MySQL Desk Create/Insert will work as export! So that you is a brand new expertise on backups: with JSON ! The JSON created will be indented or not,… Read more »