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Preview & Download Script About Import large sets of data into an SQL table; ToSQL will create a suitable table structure, guessing data types, keys and more, and then proceed to inserting the data. This can be useful for those with large amounts of data stored in XML or JSON files, who want to make the transition to SQL. Usage… Read more »

Hikma: Random Quotes Script (With 75000 Quotes)

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Preview & Download Script Hikma Hikma is a fully responsive random quotes script that allows you to make a website that displays a random quote. The script comes bundled with 75000+ quotes so your website will be packed with content. Features: Display a random quote 75,000+ qutes included Simple dashboard Search authors leaderboard ad 728×90 A beautiful design Built using… Read more »


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Preview & Download Script GuiCMS 2 is the new improved version of the GuiCMS. Users are now able to upload images GuiCMS is a content management system which you can use to easily convert your static HTML pages into dynamic pages. You don’t need any knowledge of PHP or SQL. GuiCMS is lightweight, secure and very easy to use. Just… Read more »

Backup Pro

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Preview & Download Script Backup Pro backup your MySQL database as SQL, CSV or XML; backup your files as ZIP archive; upload backup to FTP server; send backup as email attachment; upload to Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, SkyDrive and other cloud using WebDAV; send to server using PUTS HTTP; support MySQL, MySQLi and PDO driver; use CRON to automate backup… Read more »


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Preview & Download Script Introduction: Scaffolder is a PHP based web application. The main idea behind Scaffolder is to automate the CRUD functionality for any database table. Today almost every website hosted on the Internet has a back-end where the content of the website can be modified. Scaffolder is a tool for users with or without knowledge of web development,… Read more »

EazSQL – PHP MySQL Helper

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Preview & Download Script This is a PHP5 Class-Helper that will allow you to make MySQL actions more easy, without too much lines. You will use like only 70% of classic code, and the syntax is more easy. Here you can see some examples: $mysql = new EazSQL(‘host’, ‘username’, ‘password’, ‘database’); // VS Old (classic) method: $mysql = mysql_connect(‘host’, ‘username’,… Read more »

HackerCatcher – Catch hackers w/ Admin Panel

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Preview & Download Script HackerCatcher is a complete system (with admin panel) designed to catch if someone is trying to hack your page and save his data: IP, String (with the one that tried to hack), date, file, details about the hack, and more. The features are: Can catch XSS /SQLi You choose what inputs to listen and catch hacks… Read more »

Easy Cronjob Web Handler

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Preview & Download Script Need a easier way to control all your cronjobs in one location via web? Well this is your simple solution! iCronjob is a tiny tool that allows you to set all your cronjobs at once via web base. Set unlimited amount of cronjobs as you like. Script Features Adding a cronjob User frendly UI (http://www.yoursite.com/script.php) [select… Read more »

MySQL Backup Pro Class

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Preview & Download Script MySQL Backup Pro Class backup your MySQL database as SQL , CSV or XML ; upload backup to FTP server; send backup as email attachment; upload to Google Drive , Dropbox , Box , SkyDrive and other cloud using WebDAV ; send to server using PUTS HTTP; Can pack as ZIP archive; support MySQL, MySQLi and… Read more »

PDO Multi-DB Info Manager

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Preview & Download Script PDO Multi-DB Info Manager is an application developed in PHP that allows you to admin your SQL Server, PostgreSQL SQLite 3 and MySQL databases without the need of write any code(no php, neither sql) in an easy way, using an attractive web interface. You can build local and remote connection, export data from your tables in… Read more »