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HackerCatcher v2 – Protect your Site

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Preview & Download Script HackerCatcher v2 is a PHP System that will allow you to protect your site from hackers and spammers. Also, you’ll save their information and ban them if you want, as well as receive an email notification when all this occurs.With HackerCatcher v2 you will be able to: Detect if someone is trying to inject SQLi or… Read more »

Signup Powerful Exchange System

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Preview & Download Script This is a add on for http://codecanyon.net/item/powerful-exchange-system/533068 This addon is for version 2 This Addon is to enable that only a single user may register per i.p. address to prevent users from cheating the system to earn the referral bonus. Width this addon you got a document where i write. How you can be sure no… Read more »

Earn Clicking Banners For Powerful Exchange System

Preview & Download Script This is an addon for Powerful Exchange System -> http://codecanyon.net/item/powerful-exchange-system/533068 With this addon, users will be able to earn coins by clicking on banners. Users can also add their own banners to the banners page using their coins. Login details: Login: demo Pass: demo Preview & Download Script

Easy Gallery

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Preview & Download Script With this class you can easily create a gallery of images and thumbnails for your website. Key Features: Easy to use set of functions Gives you the ability to create a image gallery with 3 lines of code Allows images to be sorted by name, date, or size ascending or descending Well documented Thumbnails automatically generated… Read more »

AdvPlugin – Advanced Plugin System

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Preview & Download Script AdvPlugin is a complete Plugin System in a PHP5 Class Way with you can easy: Set a plugin dir. With this, in each load or any function you don’t need to type again the dir! Activate/deactivate plugins Load activated (or not) plugins Get plugins information, like author, name, description, version…. Easy to develop the plugins. The… Read more »

Cool comments ajax system

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Preview & Download Script Ajax Cool coments is a system to add comments very easily to any site or web page. It has been designed thinking 100% in the end user the installation process and its subsequent use are extremely simple. Cool coments its a simple and effective system for manage comments in one or more sites in the most… Read more »

WM Ticket Support System

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Preview & Download Script WM Ticket is a web based ticket support application, which can be used to maitain the tickets/issues generated by your clients in your organization & also to track its progress. It is a light weight application which is focused to maintain the records with ease. Very Important Before downloading this script, please check for all the… Read more »