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Ppdf – Document Hosting Script

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Preview & Download Script Ppdf – Document Hosting Script A fast and secure document hosting with viewer. Admin Panel: http://dev.condize.com/ppdf/admin/ Account: User : admin Password : admin The demo does not send emails, for spamming reason. Features: User Change Name, Email, Password Make files private See total downloads Rename his uploads Delete user’s uploads See disk space used View his… Read more »

mLIB – PHP & jQuery based media upload library

Preview & Download Script mLIB is a PHP, MYSQL and jQuery based media upload library. It can be used to upload files and select them for use on fly. This plugin is better suited for admin part of any CMS which lacks a good media uploader. Features : Drag-n-drop upload support for all modern browsers and manual upload option for… Read more »

DocShare Pro

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Preview & Download Script Updated! Added ability to share via google +, facebook, twitter or by direct link Added ability to rename files Added admin panel for adding / deleting user accounts and teams Fixed display issues on ipad devices DocShare Pro 1.0 is an easy to use and beautiful file management and sharing PHP application. DocShare Pro allows you… Read more »

FTP – Droppy online file sharing

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Preview & Download Script Droppy with an external FTP server. The FTP Plugin for Droppy – Online file sharing connects your existing Droppy setup to an external FTP server. The FTP connections can be made using standard FTP or using SFTP. This way you can separate your uploads from your application server and store all the uploaded files on another… Read more »


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Preview & Download Script Latest Version: 12.10.2010 – v1.0. Check the changelog Form Autosave is a set of PHP classes and jQuery plugins which allows to keep the content of the forms for later editing or saving. Form data is stored in the session as a FIFO queue records. Features Saving Data At Fixed Time Interval, Saving Data Before Form… Read more »

DropShare – File Sharing System

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Preview & Download Script You would like to upload files from your computer to your webspace? You would like to create your own file sharing service? DropShare is here! DropShare is a PHP script created to allow web developers to use or create(open) their own file sharing service. High performance, responsive & flexible design and liteweight uploader. Highly configurable with… Read more »

Advanced File Server

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Preview & Download Script Key Features AJAX Powered. Support for multiple users. Support for upload tickets with a given number of uploads. Syntax highlighting for html, css and php files. Ability to set an expiry time for a file. Support for user permissions, you can deny access to specific pages for each user. Fully tested in Firefox, Chrome, IE, Safari,… Read more »

miniPAN PHP File Management System

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Preview & Download Script The miniPAN is a PHP based file management script, that is seamlessly integrated with TinyMCE, CKEditor. This script can also be used standalone and it’s easy to integrate with your backend system. Easy to integrate, seamless integration with WYSIWYG editors (TinyMCE, CKEditor) No database required Create directories, rename, delete instantly Upload files, allow/deny file types Ajax… Read more »

OpenEyes Image Tagging And Image Uploader.

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Preview & Download Script You can easily upload, resize and tagg images with OpenEyes Image Tagging script. This is simple Image tagging control which looks like the Facebook Photo Tagging application. I can’t find image tagg script and i decided to write it. but you don’t have to Some features Easily upload and resize image. Simple adding to your site…. Read more »

PHP Gallery cfGallery

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Preview & Download Script PHP Gallery cfGallery Written in PHP, cfGallery is a simple yet powerfull gallery application. It allows anyone to dispose of a handy gallery system, with user access management and a simple gallery viewer. cfGallery is delivered with an external API, for a better integration in your PHP projets. Main features Users management Public and private galleries… Read more »